Robert D. Hatfield, Ph.D., J.D.

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Bob is an experienced consultant to small, medium, and large organizations in Executive and Management Development, Organizational Change, Supervisor Training, Communication, Collegiality, Employee Relations, Human Resource Management, Motivation, Strategic Planning, Job Satisfaction, Teamwork, and Leadership.Bob is the coauthor of 6 books and numerous articles. Publishing books like “Human Resource Management: Strategies for Managing a Diverse and Global Workforce” and articles like “Developing Collegiality in Organizations” provides Bob with the depth and credibility organizations seek in a consultant. Bob has also worked with many organizations in arbitration, mediation, and as labor relations neutral.

Training is one of Bob’s strengths. He has conducted a wide range of training programs for organizations and was selected as “best teacher” honors at two different universities. Bob recently won the business college’s prestigious Vitale Award for Initiative, Innovation, & Leadership while holding the endowed chair for business education. Bob has made numerous speeches for organizations and is a delightful platform speaker.

Bob has developed a strong understanding of intercultural issues. He taught seminars and developed international relationships in seven nations including China, France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and India.

He has held of series of leadership positions both inside and outside of academia. Bob’s current position is Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research in the Gordon Ford College of Business. He has also served as a Human Resources Manager in a corporation with 20,000 employees. He is willing to discuss your consulting needs and can draw on the strength of the resources at Leadership Strategies to assist your organization.

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